Encouraging Innovative Thinking

Setting up a Healthcare Solution

Business Planning & Clinical Visioning

The first step for establishing a healthcare facility is the preparation of a comprehensive Business Plan. We carry out a comprehensive primary market and secondary market analysis on the demographics, disease patterns and trends, market segments, demand and supply dynamics, which serves as the basis for hospital planning and setting up of the facility.

The clinical services are formulated to suit current and future market needs. The services are also chosen based on their viability.

The medical equipment and human resource needs are assessed and a plan to acquire them is laid out. All the above details along with the estimated project costs and financial forecasts are presented in a detailed project report (DPR) which forms the basis for taking the project forward.


Hospital Planning and Design

We assist in hospital planning and hospital design according to international standards and contemporary design parameters. The hospital designs and drawings are reviewed based on the departments, patient flow, adequateness for other services and management ease. We bring in our vast experience to ensure that the design enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the facility at optimal cost.

Medical Equipment Planning and Procurement

MARS Medisciences Pvt Ltd has significant experience in medical equipment planning and procurement and is the largest private sector purchaser of medical equipment in Asia. The medical equipment advisory services are spread across three broad categories –


Information Technology and Telemedicine

The Information Technology and Telemedicine consulting services include the assessment of the Information technology & telemedicine needs of the facility and deployment of the right solutions. We assist in formulation of requirement specifications for software, hardware and networking and selection and procurement of the software. We ensure that the facility is equipped with the latest technologies with an eye on the future.

MARS Medisciences Pvt Ltd has indigenously developed a Hospital Management Software called ePulse which comprises the following modules & is most suitable for small/ mid-sized Hospitals :

  • OPD
  • IPD
  • Billing
  • HR
  • PRO
  • Purchase
Human Resources Advisory

The human resource advisory service focuses on identifying the manpower needs of the hospital in line with the planned clinical and administrative services portfolio. It also addresses specific job profiles, approach to recruitment and training needs.

MARS’s Human Resources teams undertake a critical evaluation of the manpower requirements and availability. A mix of doctors, technicians and nurses are recommended after considering the medical services offered by the hospital. The qualifications and the background required for successful operations of the hospital are some of the aspects that would be brought to light during the manpower-planning phase.

In the absence of a readily available team of doctors, nurses and technicians, we develop a long-term strategy and plan of action to identify, recruit and train various levels of professionals for these categories. This is accomplished by developing local-expertise and capabilities within the hospital, and therefore a knowledge-transfer plan is initiated to ensure long-term compliance with the goals.


Hospital Commissioning & Start Up Assistance

We provide expert hands at hospital commissioning and start up. We ensure that all systems, protocols, services and structure are in place, the hospital has obtained all required regulatory approvals and licenses, operational policies are well laid out and most importantly the marketing campaign is rolled out. This helps the hospital to gear up for an official launch.