Case Studies

Hospital Planning, Establishment & Complete Operations

Client – Sneha Speciality Hospital, Kharadi (Pune).


Sneha Speciality Clinic was operational since Mar 2010 under the sole proprietorship of Dr Sulakshana S Gaokar at Springfield Building, Kharadi (Pune). This was an OPD Clinic complimented by a six bed Indoor unit. Within a short span of 10 months, with her hard work, perseverance and dedication, Dr Gaokar was able to establish her medical practice in the area of Kharadi and adjoining locality. This and the growing support from the associate Medical Fraternity, highlighted the requirement of a Bigger, Better and Independent Facility

Dr Sulakshana S Gaokar & Dr Bhushan Bari shared the vision of establishing a multi-speciality medical centre located at Mundhwa – Kharadi, on the Kharadi Bypass Road, Pune with a view of providing high quality and cost-effective medical services, supported by a team of compassionate and dedicated medical professionals.


 MARS Medisciences Pvt Ltd were nominated the sole responsibility of turning this vision into a reality. After having undertaken a comprehensive study of the existing operations along with a review of the market, MARS implemented the following initiatives:-

  • Basis a comprehensive market analysis on the demographics, disease patterns and trends, undertook Business Planning & Clinical Visioning.
  • In view of international standards and contemporary design parameters, carried out Hospital Planning & Design based on the departments, patient flow, adequateness for other services and management ease.
  • Undertook Medical Equipment Planning, Selection and procurement assistance and Site preparation, installation and commissioning
  • Identified the manpower needs of the hospital in line with the planned clinical and administrative services portfolio and assisted the Management in recruitment and job profiling.
  • Carried out training of doctors and nurses in Intensive care and of admin staff in soft skills.
  • Successfully developed and implemented a Hospital Management Software called ePulse which remarkably improved the OPD-IPD Management & Accounting of the Hospital.
  • Specific initiatives in the area of Marketing, Brand Positioning, Pharmacy and Lab Operations were undertaken to enhance the revenues of the group.
  • Actively assisted in hospital commissioning and start up by ensuring that all operational policies, systems, protocols, services and structure are in place. Provided consultancy to the hospital for obtaining all required regulatory approvals and licenses. This helped the hospital to gear up for an official launch.
  • MARS continues to be activiely associated with the Hospital in providing the following services :-
    • End to end Hospital Operations Management.
    • Strategic Consultancy
    • Training
    • Hospital Quality Consulting

The Impact

MARS’s involvement resulted in

  • Sneha Speciality Hospital (SSH), a healthcare landmark, has been rapidly making a mark in the hearts and minds of the local populace.
  • Installation cost has been largely recovered and Break Even Point will be achieved soon.
  • Provisioning of state of the art facilities and consistent above average service, has created a foundation for introduction of additional Clinical Departments.
  • Brand building of the Hospital has been achieved to a reasonable level over all media of advertising.